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Idea overview

The Academy bridges the skills gap by providing industry-leading engineering and industrial design programs.

We do not teach scientific theories. We provide practical, expertise skills compiled over the years of our professional activity.

The Academy’s offer is targeted at students and graduates who want to commence their industry career. The Academy also supports companies and educational institutions to empower their proficiency. Completing the Academy’s program you have all you need to be successful in the professional environment.

Graduates, students

If you are a graduate or a young professional with a mechanical engineering or an industrial design background, our offer may interest you.

If you pass our preliminary test, we will invite you to meet us in a session during which we will select the most appropriate to your skills and potential development program and forecast the most optimal for you career path. The admitted graduates and young professionals participate in one of our programs for free.

A scholarship might be provided for some selected individuals. Following the admission, you will embark on a several months training program which is designed to prepare you for career in engineering industry. Upon the completion, most of the successful participants will instantly get a position at EXEON or one of our clients.

We offer the following development programs for the graduates:


Having completed this program, you will be able to:

  • apply efficient CAD methodologies;
  • autonomously build digital models of single components and multi-component assemblies, among others: injection moulded parts – exterior and interior trims based on A-class surfacing (e.g. A-pillar trim or rear bumper), sheet metal stamped and folded parts – bodywork structural components (e. g. sills or roof cross member);
  • asses component technical feasibility;
  • work with large assemblies and perform their analysis.

All the programs have a workshop form and they are based on real, technical issues and archival CAD data. The programs have a common module during which we teach the EXEON’s approach and values we believe in. The last stage of the course is participation in at least one of the commercial projects being performed by EXEON.


Having completed this program you will be able to:

  • apply efficient CAD methodologies;
  • autonomously: build digital models of single components and multi-component assemblies made of thermoplastic materials, like casings, covers, lids, caps and others in accordance to technological requirements;
  • select and apply proper fixing methods;
  • asses component technical feasibility;
  • work with large assemblies and perform their analysis.

The duration of the programs varies from a few to several months.

Companies, schools

There is a high demand for engineers and designers nowadays, much higher than the human resources available on the labour  market. This disproportion forces companies to hire inexperienced graduates.

  • the academy alumni employment by the clients;
  • the academy alumni hiring by the clients (tenable contracts, on-site services);
  • preparation of the client’s apprentices or the university graduates employed already by the client based on both (standard and bespoke) courses;
  • client’s recruitment process support.

The academy also offers bespoke trainings and courses for client’s employees.

We contribute our expertise to larger educators like technical universities and art schools enriching their offer.

People stories

Sebastian, the first graduate who has completed one of our programs and become a part of our team

“After graduation from the Technical University, I started looking for a job which took me several months. Most of the potential employers which I contacted then, required a few years of work experience. I remember asking myself: where shall I get the experience since all these employers are only willing to hire the experienced employees! From my friends I learnt that work placements do not add great deal to your career because as part of the placement you get very little attention and are given rubbish jobs to do.

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Upon the completion of such a placement, you can only say that you have learnt how to brew delicious coffee. You are then released from the placement to make a room for the next person striving to get some work experience. Finally, I came across EXEON’s advert. When it comes to their programs, they are carried out really professionally, with an individual approach to every person. If there is something that you do not understand or if you have a problem you can ask for support at any time. This is something that you rarely get at most of large companies. They take time to resolve your problem and answer your question ensuring that none of your doubts is left unanswered. I was very impressed by their carefully thought design methodology pertaining the CAD programs which design faster, easier, more precise and efficient. It helped me realised that parts modelling may differ significantly depending on the technology utilised for their production. Following the 7 months course, I got a position at EXEON and I am now working as a Junior CAD Engineer. As part of my job I participate in large commercial projects. I am able to deal with the tasks which only few months ago were overwhelming me. I cannot imagine
a better start of my career. And one more thing, while at EXEON I really do not have to make coffee for my foreman, only for myself ☺”Contact me at if you have any questions.